• Design for Daily Decoration Development

    From natural fabrics such as natural linen and organic cotton fabrics that are easy to incorporate into your daily life to embroidered ribbons and Tyrolean tapes with unique characteristics from different countries. From Indian embroidery ribbons and floral embroidery mesh ribbons lace various handmade accessories parts to cotton chemical lace parts embroidery ribbons Tyrolean tape tassel parts fringe tape fair trade goods and wool felt parts wool yarn ball button parts and iron on patches all products commercial. We produce handmade products that are available for wholesale. We have many original decoration and decoration parts of wool felt for Christmas tree, living room and popular decoration in kindergarten and nursery school. We are a planning, importing and wholesale distributor of handmade accessory parts and other decorative handicrafts.
    We also produce organic coffee by NGO Vistarei, a fair trade project with coffee farms in the mountains of Nepal.
    We are developing products that anyone can find their favorites and pick them up without a second thought. We are wholesale distributor of handicrafts and green coffee beans.

  • W for Where Who What Fairtrade is our standard

    WORLDESIGN's workshops, factories and suppliers do not have workers who work all night to meet deadlines or products whose contents are unknown.
    We respect each country's culture and traditions, and to the extent that we can, we work with fair trade facilities to explain where, by whom, with what materials, and how the products are made.
    We are working on a system of handcrafting and manufacturing that allows us to explain the background to our customers at any time.

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We always keep in mind to show where/who/what about our products.


Fair Trade is our standard
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